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Summer Camp 101:
Making the Most of Your Experience

Hey Campers,
Check out the pro tips from the planning committee to make sure you have fun, stay engaged, and have a smooth technical experience . . . oh, and make the most of your chances to win webinars and e-gift cards!


  1. Update Zoom and check out links in this guide for using interpretation or captioning.

  2. Register for individual sessions ASAP.

  3. Use that chat! Don’t be shy—make new friends.

  4. Check out the Lightning Round Page for sponsor contest details.

  5. Participate on social media to network and win prizes.

For more details, read on for an explanation of each tip. You can also select the linked tips to jump to each section or download a Word document version of this guide.

1. Update to the Newest Zoom

Zoom logo

Zoom has added new features to improve accessibility, including an interpreter feature that allows you to pop out the interpreter's window and move it anywhere on your screen!

For all of the best accessibility features, check that you are on the newest version and update. The Zoom Update walkthrough is very helpful.

2. Register for Individual Sessions ASAP

Even if you registered for the camp, you need to register for your sessions on the Program page. There are several reasons we ask you to do this and do it as soon as you can:

  1. Ensures your spot in the session: because we are a free conference, we do not have unlimited space in each session. 

  2. Helps presenters know what size of group to expect.

  3. Saves you the trouble of registering on the day of: you will already have the calendar invite and Zoom link!


3. Use that chat! Don’t be Shy—Make New Friends

Two head silhouettes with light bulbs and clouds and chat boxes showing collaboration

Chat in Zoom is enabled for you to use to say hello, get to know fellow participants, and respectfully comment on topics or share appropriate resources. 

For webinars, we will ask you to put questions in the Q&A, but for breakout sessions, you can ask questions in the chat, too. 

You cannot use the chat to be disrespectful, disruptive, or for solicitation. These behaviors will earn you a ticket out of the session. 

4. Check out the Lightning Round Page for Sponsor Contest Details.

This one is easy! We have two ways for you to win while showing love to the sponsors who make all of this possible!

Just follow two steps: 

  1. Register for the Session

  2. Read all of the details of the contests on the Lunch and Learn: Lightning Round Sponsor page

blue computer key with word register and finger about to push the button

5. Participate on Social Media to Network and Win Prizes

phone screen showing various social media apps

Besides being a great way to spread the word and meet like-minded individuals, participating on social media by joining chat groups, sharing posts, or using #AccessibilityICT2024 can win you prizes, like a webinar valued at $400 and $25 e-gift cards.

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