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Pre-Conference Recorded Sessions

Welcome to our Pre-Conference--a little taste of what is to come to get you energized and excited for ASC 2024!


 Read on to access pre-conference presenter bios, session descriptions, resources, and recording links. 

Start from the top and peruse all three sessions or select a session name to jump to their section and resources:

Melissa Foley, smiling and looking at the camera.  She is wearing a dark grey cardigan and a teal shirt.

PC1: How to Make Your Web Content Accessible


Presented by:


Melissa Foley, Senior UX Designer, Viget

Session Description:


Do you know the difference between decorative, informative, and functional images? Did you know you likely need audio descriptions for videos? Meeting accessibility standards isn’t just a requirement for developers. It’s for everyone involved in your content – from writers and graphic designers to photographers and video editors, and even administrators and key decision-makers. You need to understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and, more importantly, what those guidelines mean for how content is presented on your website. Even if you never write a line of code or log into a CMS, you have a role to play in accessibility.

Speaker Bio:

Melissa is a senior UX strategist at Viget, a digital agency headquartered in Virginia. As a member of Viget’s accessibility working group, she works alongside designers, researchers, developers, and project managers to incorporate accessibility throughout the website design process and make sure everyone understands their role in inclusive design. With a background in higher education, Melissa is passionate about advocating for user needs and assuring the web is a safe place that is accessible to everyone. Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina, Melissa holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a master’s degree in education.

Presentation Information & Materials

Dawn Monroe smiling and looking at the camera, wearing a blue blazer and a black shirt.

PC2: Accessibility in Microsoft PowerPoint

Presented by:


Dawn Monroe

Microsoft Office Specialist Master, Instructor, Consultant, & Speaker


Session Description:


Create better content that allows everyone to fully understand and enjoy your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Keep your audience in mind as you design and present impactful slideshows. Learn best practices to keep accessibility at the forefront of your presentation projects.

  • Design Your Slides for Inclusivity

  • Improve Image Accessibility with Alt Text

  • Utilize Accessible Colors and Styles

  • Understanding Reading Order

  • Focus on File Formats

  • Check Accessibility

  • Present Inclusively

Presentation Information & Materials

Melissa Carleton, wearing a black blazer and white collared shirt, smiling at the camera.  She has short shoulder length brown hair and is wearing glasses.

PC3: ADA & 504 Compliance Understanding & Providing Accommodations For Students, Employees & Visitors


Presented by:

Melissa M. Carleton, Partner/Higher Ed Chair, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Session Description:


Join Melissa Carleton, legal advisor to many educational institutions, as she tackles questions related to accessibility law, like:

  • Who is considered protected by the ADA or Section 504?

  • What rights come with protections under the ADA or Section 504?

  • When is an accommodation reasonable vs unreasonable and how do you determine that?

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