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Compliance is the Foundation, Inclusion is the Vision

Presented by:

 Anjali Lalwani

CPACC-certified Accessibility Consultant at Magic EdTech and co-host of the MagicAlly webinar series

Session Description:

This session will delve into the critical topics of accessibility and disability inclusion. It will examine how AI can be leveraged to enhance accessibility and identify digital inclusion gaps proactively. This session highlights the significance of advocacy and allyship, we will discuss practical strategies for becoming an accessibility champion (or “A11y”). Together, we can strive to cultivate a culture of inclusivity which enables everyone to participate fully and equitably, regardless of ability.

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About Anjali Lalwani

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Anjali Lalwani is a CPACC-certified Accessibility Consultant at Magic EdTech. She worked in disability caretaking for a decade before joining MagicEdTech. Anjali is passionate about accessibility advocacy. She draws on her experience to help others understand the “why” behind accessibility and disability inclusion.

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