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Breakout 3D

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm Central Time

Amy Reff wearing a dark green shirt in front of a white screen.

Plain Language Basics: Creating Content That Is Accessible to All

Presented by:


Amy Reff
Sr. Accessibility Editor
, WestEd

Session Description:

This session will address accessible writing while considering the following plain language principles: audience, organization, word choice, clarity, design, content types.
Audience: pronouns, knowing your audience
Organization: headings and sections, heading levels, multi-level lists, transition words
Word choice: abbreviations and jargon, length of words and phrases, nonessential adjectives and adverbs, modifying words
Clarity: sections, paragraphs, sentences, voice, tense, e.g. and i.e.
Design: chunks, lists, tables, bullets, numbers, formatting for emphasis, cross-references
Content types: papers, presentations, email campaigns, LMSs

Speaker Bio:

Amy Reff, MA, ADS, is Sr. Accessibility Editor at WestEd, an education research agency based in San Francisco, California. Reff holds certification as an Accessible Document Specialist, awarded by the International Association for Accessibility Professionals. She has been an editor, publication designer, and accessibility specialist since 2008. Most recently, Reff edited and remediated dozens of online courses for early childhood educators, administrators, trainers, and families.

Presentation Information & Materials

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