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Breakout 3B

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm Central Time


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Accessibility

Presented by:


Dr. Kara Ayers, Associate Professor and Associate Director, University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Session Description:

In this talk, titled "Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Accessibility," we delve into the transformative role of artificial intelligence in fostering accessibility for individuals with disabilities. We explore cutting-edge AI solutions that simplify document readability and unveil a range of innovative applications designed to support diverse needs. This presentation underscores the potential of AI as a tool for social justice, highlighting how technology can bridge gaps and create more inclusive environments. Attendees will gain insights into practical AI strategies that enhance daily life, driving forward the agenda of disability rights and ensuring that technology serves as an ally in the quest for equal access and opportunity.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Kara Ayers, Associate Professor and Associate Director at the University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, specializes in disability. Leading the National Center for Disability, Equity, and Intersectionality, her research focuses on disability in media, ethics, and parenting with a disability. A skilled researcher, Dr. Ayers applies her insights to enhance programs and inform leaders and policymakers, advocating for improved policies for better outcomes in disability and accessibility. Her expertise aligns closely with integrating AI for accessibility, demonstrating a deep commitment to advancing disability rights and social justice.

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