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Breakout 3A

Vanessa Garza smiling in front of a college campus

Vanessa Garza

RaLynn McGuire in front of tropical palm plants, smiling

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm Central Time

Creating a Culture Shift - Finding Our Place

Presented by:

Vanessa Garza, Learning Experience Accessibility Specialist at University of Texas at San Antonio

RaLynn McGuire, Lead Accessibility/Universal Design for Learning Specialist at University of Texas at San Antonio

RaLynn McGuire

Can a university shift from a stand-alone accommodation model to a proactive approach to accessibility?  We think so! We have been on a journey to shift the campus culture. This presentation will focus on the journey of creating the role of accessibility specialist, increasing campus-wide partnerships and visibility, gaining support for new initiatives, and creating an accessibility policy. 

Vanessa worked as an educator, developer, and instructional designer before developing a passion for creating accessible content in higher education. Vanessa currently focuses on training and supporting faculty to create accessible content and promote a culture of inclusive education.


RaLynn started her career as a classroom teacher. Years ago she transitioned to working in the field of accessibility in higher education in varying capacities such as training users, performing UX accessibility testing, training and supporting faculty as they create accessible content, and promoting a culture of accessibility and inclusion

Presentation Information & Materials

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