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Breakout 2F

1:00 pm- 1:50 pm Central Time

Spencer smiling wearing a light blue dress shirt and striped tie

Global Research Revealed: How ASR Technologies Are Used & Perceived in the Accessibility Realm

Presented by:


Spencer Kirschner,

Senior Account Manager at Verbit

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Session Description:

This insightful session is focused on original research pulled from 200 leaders across the US, UK and Canada who are using Automatic Speech Recognition and captioning technologies. Discover how those using these technologies for accessibility needs perceive them. Dive into their expectations for needed improvements and continued investment. We’ll reveal key findings that education professionals focused on using technology to deliver access should be aware of. Explore the benefits and challenges of using ASR tools for accessibility, including their varying accuracy and limited feedback mechanisms. Learn about alternative solutions being used and emerging trends in ASR adoption to enhance accessibility standards and comply with today’s regulations.

Speaker Bio:

Spencer is a seasoned professional with a background in education and a passion for ensuring accessibility in higher education. As a former elementary school teacher, Spencer transitioned into the Ed Tech field, taking on various roles. As Senior Customer Success Manager at Verbit, Spencer works tirelessly to support institutions in making their content accessible to all students.

Outside of work, Spencer can often be found on the tennis court, indulging in his love for the game.

Presentation Information & Materials

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