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Breakout 2E

Karyn Page smiling in a headshot

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Building a Culture of Accessibility & Belonging

Presented by Karyn Page, VP of Innovation at Envision and Terese Goren, Accessibility Specialist at Envision

Karyn Page

Terese Goren headshot in front of dark background

Terese Goren

Through a proactive approach, Envision will share a process of how educators, leaders and students can work together to create a culture of accessibility. Working together to provide an accessible environment ensures that universities produce graduates that are job ready. Envision will provide quick tips that you can adopt now to set you on the course of a culture of belonging.

Karyn Page has a contagious enthusiasm and pioneering vision that inspires stakeholder collaboration, harnesses the strengths of team members and secures relationships to execute on big ideas. Page joined Envision after serving as the president and CEO of Kansas Global Trade Center, Inc. for more than 16 years. Her mission at Envision is to establish career pathways for the blind or visually impaired community that create independence and professional success, while contributing to innovative workforce solutions for companies around the world.

Terese Goren is a certified accessibility specialist, specializing in assistive technology. She has the unique opportunity to work with the blind and visually impaired community and connects them with the technology available to help live a more independent and fulfilling life. Goren’s passion is to help businesses and business leaders understand how accessibility can help advance their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. She was certified as a trusted tester by the department of homeland security and has been the lead instructor for Envision’s Level Up program.

Presentation Information & Materials

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