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Breakout 2A

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Robert Beach in a dark green polo shirt.

Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Communication and Disability Etiquette

Presented by:


Robert Beach, Technology Specialist at Kansas City Kansas Community College

Session Description:


Being in an unfamiliar situation can make us uncomfortable and that discomfort can be sensed by others around us. So, let's expand our comfort zone to include communicating and interacting with individuals with disabilities. This session will discuss disability etiquette and some appropriate interactions when conversing with a person who has a disability. By extending our comfort zone we will make our students feel more comfortable and welcome. 

Speaker Bio:


Robert Beach has been the assistive Technology Specialist at Kansas City Kansas Community College since January of 1994. He has been in the field of disabilities for more than thirty years. Besides working with technology, he also oversees the accessible materials process and works with the provision of accommodations for students with disabilities. He has a disability himself and is speaking from personal as well as professional experience. 

Presentation Information & Materials

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