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Breakout 1E

Julia Gorman, smiling, wearing a blue shirt with a logo, standing in front of a brick wall

10:00 am - 10:50 am Central Time

Self-Advocacy and Planning for Postsecondary Education

Presented by Julia P. Gorman, M.Ed. - Assistant Director, Educational Access Center at Boise State University

This presentation is centered around the three parts to self-advocacy: knowing yourself, knowing your needs, and knowing how to get what you need. With the utilization of interactive, intentional activities, attendees will learn how to strategically support their transition-age students in planning for postsecondary education through self-advocacy and self-determination. Attendees will walk away with strategies, tools, information, and continued support to further aid their students' access to postsecondary education.

Julia P. Gorman, M.Ed. is a former middle school special education teacher and current adjunct instructor and Assistant Director for the Educational Access Center at Boise State University. Julia graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Special Education in 2018, and her Master of Education in Early and Special Education in 2020. Through her various educational and professional endeavors, Julia has experience working with transition-age students in academic-based interventions, postsecondary preparatory programs, and inclusive postsecondary opportunities all with the intent to support students with disabilities in accessing postsecondary education and employment.

Presentation Information & Materials

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