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Breakout 1C

Hanna Lewis smiling brightly for the camera.

9:00 am - 9:50 am Central Time

The Evolving Language of Disability

Presented by


Hanna Lewis, Assistant Director of Student Disability Services, Butler University 

Session Description:


In this interactive session, we will discuss the medical and social model of disability and how these models influence identity. We will discuss how the individual experience shapes what specific identifying language individuals use, as well as the recent empowerment movement to take back the narrative of disability. This facilitated discussion will address how individuals with physical, mental, medical, cognitive, intellectual, and psychological disabilities may relate to or oppose these viewpoints. Participants are welcome to share their own perception of language and personal identities, but are not required. 

Speaker Bio:


Hailing from Indianapolis, Hanna Lewis is the Assistant Director of Student Disability Services at Butler University where she provides accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Hanna is a licensed social worker and she uses many of her social work skills to provide coaching, crisis response, and support for students with disabilities. Hanna is passionate about advocating for student needs, and aims to provide a safe space for people to be known and respected. 

Presentation Information & Materials

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