Breakout 1A

Claudia Burdisso, with long brown hair, smiling.

9:00 am - 9:50 am Central Time

Digital Accessibility & Immigrant Communities   

Presented by Claudia Burdisso, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Avantpage Translations

In the United States, there is a community of immigrants with disabilities that are not fluent in English. They belong to what I called “the double minority status”; their needs require more complex solutions. As a society, I believe we are coming up short with this demographic group due to a lack of awareness, a lack of representation, and a lack of resources. My goal is to create awareness about the needs of this underrepresented group related to digital accessibility and touch on the nuances that possible solutions involve.

Claudia Burdisso is an active Accessibility Advocate. She has ample experience managing projects to remediate foreign language forms making them accessible, assessing foreign language website accessibility levels, and providing services for the visual and hearing-impaired communities. She is also a member of the Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee of Sacramento County (VAAC). She has received a certificate in Digital Accessibility from Utah State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Political Management from The George Washington University. 

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