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Thank You, Volunteers!

This conference would not be possible at all, let alone without a registration fee, if not for the army of volunteers who help out with every aspect from planning to moderating to video editing and captioning. If you found value in this conference, these people helped make it available. 

Thank you, 2023 ASC Volunteers. You truly are ASC Champions!

-Krystal Iseminger, Conference Director

2023 ASC Volunteers

Janine Andrews
James Aschenbrenner
Robert Beach
Jacob Buck
Krissy Buck
Robi Calderaro
Jessica Cannon
Rose Corby
Lisa Dickson
Stacy Dunsworth
Casey Eubank

Lynn Evans
Rob Gibson
Sarah Hale
Diana Holladay
Shelby Huddleston
Krystal Iseminger
Sarah Kettell
Antonia Levy
Sam Luttrell
Marisha Marks


Tisha Marzewski
Heather Miller
Paul Miller
Strap Nkoba
Lisa Olson
Tess Olton
Brad Parker
Jacklyn Pomeranke
Rachel Rupprecht
Greg Schmidt
Courtney Sendall
Linda Sessions
Levi Stanyer
Jennifer Stanyer
Jerra Strong
Misty Taylor
Samantha Thompson
Brandie Thompson
Chrystal Trapani
The WSU Tech Capstone Marketing Students 

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering as part of the planning committee or as a day-of volunteer, like a moderator, please email Someone will be in touch to discuss volunteering options for ASC 2024!

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