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Main Session 1

Heather Merchant smiling

11:00 pm - 11:50 pm Central Time

Accessibility and Online Learning Tools

Presented by Heather Merchant, Senior Education Accessibility Specialist at Wichita State University

Heather Merchant

Non-LMS learning tools are becoming an ever-more important part of online classes. They help us increase engagement; they can make learning fun for students; and they can help students and instructors stay organized and on-track. However, if the online learning tool isn’t accessible, it could be causing more problems than it solves for learners utilizing assistive technology. But how do instructors know if their chosen tool is accessible or not? Join us as we learn how to acquire accessibility information and determine if the chosen tool meets the accessibility needs of our course and our students.

Heather M. Merchant, M.S., M.B.A. is the Senior Educational Accessibility Specialist for Wichita State University, a former instructional designer, instructor for Wichita State’s Lifelong Learning program, a QM Peer Reviewer, and a contributing author for KSARN (Kansas Accessibility Resource Network), an online accessibility initiative that offers free training on a variety of accessibility topics. As the Senior Educational Accessibility Specialist, Heather audits online courses, hybrid courses, and all EIT at Wichita State for accessibility. She also provides accessibility training and assists with braille and tactile graphic production.

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