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Breakout 2B

Shana Keating greets you with a smile and vibrant purple hair.

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Integrating Accessibility Compliance and Support into your Team's Processes

Presented by


Shauna Keating, Senior UX Designer and Design Engineer at Truss

Session Description:


This session covers approaching creating a sustainable process around accessibility in whatever you are working on, by making incremental improvements over time by applying an iterative, agile methodology to address your highest priority issues first. We will find how you can use the resources you have on hand to provide the most inclusive, accessible, experience possible in whatever your project is focused on. 

Speaker Bio:


Shauna is a Senior UX Designer and Design Engineer at Truss, a fully distributed digital consultancy spread across the United States building services primarily for US Federal government agencies. She lives in New York's Hudson Valley where she also is an adjunct faculty member at SUNY New Paltz, teaching accessible design and development in her Design for the Web I course. She has had a specialization in inclusive design and accessibility since she started working professionally and has been a leader in this space since. 

Presentation Information & Materials

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