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Are you looking to promote your accessibility-related product or service to 912 or more industry professionals? This conference is only made possible by donations and sponsorship! Join our quest to inform and train as many people as possible. 


2023 sponsorship coming soon.

2022 Event Quick Facts

  • Overall Attendees:  912

  • Countries Represented: 26

  • Number of Institutions Represented:  604

  • Make up of Attendees (but not limited to):

    • Educational Faculty and Staff
      (All levels of education)

    • Educational Leadership

    • Industry Trainers

    • Librarians

    • Instructional Designers

    • Small Business Owners

    • Accessibility Industry Reps


Sponsorship is will be available for 2023 In October 2022.

Sponsorship Includes: TBD


Make check payable to WSU Tech Foundation

Please mail to:

WSU Tech Foundation

Attn: Accessibility Summer Camp

4004 N. Webb Rd.

Wichita, KS 67226

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Contact Us

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