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Keynote Presentation 2

The Disability Inclusion Revolution -
It’s a Smart Business Conversation

Presented by:

 Cam Beaudoin

Business Owner, Podcast Host, & Accessibility Expert

Session Description:

You’ve heard it all before: we need to care about people with disabilities because it’s regulatory or it’s compliance. You need to do it because the law says so. If that were the case, then all our products would be made usable by people of any ability. But that’s not the reality. This conversation brings in the facts to tell companies and leaders who care about their bottom line need to focus on accessibility and disability inclusion. If your organization believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion, then it’s time to include persons with disabilities in that conversation. 1 in 7 people live with a disability, including your employees, clients, and users.  This isn’t just a minority; this is an entire market segment. In this talk, I’ll share learning best practices and examples of some of the world’s most recognizable companies and how they managed to change company culture to include accessibility.

About Cam

Cam Beaudoin smiling and looking very modern in a white shirt and dark blazer against a gray background.

Cam is an accessibility expert and program manager who helps corporations become leaders in disability inclusion. Cam creates customized roadmaps to accessibility success, enhancing brand reputation, increasing customer loyalty, and avoiding legal consequences. Cam hosts "Normalize It! The Business of Disability Inclusion and Accessibility," a weekly live show, and is a sought-after speaker at various conferences, including AccessU, CSUN, and A11yTO.

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