Breakout 2B

Robert Beach, standing outside in a garden.

Tools and Tips for Accessible Instructional Materials using Word and Blackboard Ally

Presented by Robert Beach, Assistive Technology Specialist at Kansas City Kansas Community College and Shaun Pate, Instructional Design Coordinator at Kansas City Kansas Community College

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Central Time

Shaun Pate, smiling.

Robert Beach

Shaun Pate

Using best practices to create accessible instructional materials will make your documents more versatile for all users.  This session will give tips for creating accessible documents using Word, demonstrate the Word accessibility checker tool, and explain how Blackboard Ally can allow your students to convert your material to the best format for their needs. Participants will see what a well designed accessible document includes.  They will understand how these elements make a document more usable for all users.  Additionally, they will learn how an accessible document can be converted to different formats using Blackboard Ally or potentially other tools. 

Robert has been the Assistive Technology Specialist at KCKCC since January 1994. He is a member of AHEAD and serves as the president of KAN-AHEAD. He is a member of ATHEN (Access Technologists Higher Education Network) and has served on the ATHEN executive board. He has also served on the Advisory Council for the Assistive Technology for Kansans Project for many years.

Robert has presented at several conferences including KAN-AHEAD/Regional AHEAD, National AHEAD, Accessing Higher Ground and others. In addition, he has given many presentations for various organizations on the topics of assistive technology, accessible documents, and disabilities in higher education.

Shaun has been the Instructional Design Coordinator at Kansas City Kansas Community College since the beginning of 2019 and previously worked at Cleveland University as their Alternate Media Specialist assisting students, faculty, and staff in creating and utilizing accessible content.

He currently provides instructional technology training to Kansas City Kansas Community College staff and faculty while also assisting in course design.  Shaun has presented and co-presented at several conferences in addition to providing workshops relating to different available educational technologies.

Presentation Information & Materials

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