Breakout 3E

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Avoiding Systematic Issues Using Design Systems

David Engebretson, standing in front of tree, wearing sunglasses, smiling.

David Engebretson, Digital Technologies Accessibility Coordinator at Western Washington University 

Stephanie Paulantis on a sunny day with brightly colored glitter makeup under clear heart glasses, wearing and a fuzzy black hood.

Stephanie Paulantis, Web Developer at Western Washington University 

Carly Gerard, medium brown/black hair, smiling.

Carly Gerard, Web Accessibility Engineer at Western Washington University

Learning to change the culture of a development environment is challenging. We'll show you what our design system and accessibility testing has done to reduce systemic accessibility issues so that we create digital designs for everybody.

David Engebretson is the Digital Technologies Accessibility Coordinator at Western Washington University and is interested in improving accessibility for all of our global Western community. He works to create awareness regarding accessibility issues in the community by sharing his screen reader output so stakeholders can attain an empathetic viewpoint and then strive to make their creations more accessible. David also volunteers as a disability advocate for all types of abilities so that every human has the opportunity to thrive with equity.

“Accessible technologies level the learning field.” – David Engebretson October, 2017

Stephanie Paulantis is a front end developer and designer at Western Washington University. She likes using WCAG as a challenging exercise in creative restraints, to help her be a better and more flexible web developer.


Carly Gerard is a Web Accessibility Engineer. She helps develop and maintain the university's Drupal, WordPress, and static HTML sites to ensure the themes are accessible and user friendly. Carly provides accessibility training for web content creators and developers, and serves as an accessibility subject matter expert across campus. She is a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

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