Breakout 3B

Chad Weber, smiling.

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Allyship VS Enabling: Leading through Empowering

Presented by Chad Weber, Accommodations Coordinator, Regis University

The difference between allyship and enabling is the difference between having students who are empowered to advocate for themselves with your assistance, rather than expecting you to fix things for them. During the session participants will discuss the differences between holding the power and empowering people, building allyships throughout the university, to create a community of inclusion and access for all. Participants will come away with a step-by-step action plan on how they plan to break down a barrier working with their team and aligning with leaders across the university. 

During the session we hope that we can teach participants the skills to identify the different roles in group and individual situations and how all participants can find themselves in each role both consciously and unconsciously. These skills will allow them to work with their own thoughts and beliefs as well as the other members of the situation to determine action steps to work towards the best inclusive outcome where all parties feel empowered and have equal access or the knowledge and information where they can receive the resources they need to achieve their group and individual goals in life, education and in their vocational lives.
There is a fine line that everyone has crossed several times that is the dividing point between support and goal success versus hindering the growth and achievement of goals of an individual or group by the creation of unwarranted and unneeded levels of expectations. Through this training and discussion attendees will be able to identify the markers that will help more people land on the side of the line filled with achievements and success without judgement but instead with celebration and role modeling for the next group or person.

Chad Weber is the Accommodations Coordinator at Regis University in Denver CO. He has been working and studying in the field of disabilities for over 20 years and holds an M.A. in Student Affairs Counseling and a BS in Sociology. With his unique perspective as a graduate student who used Disability Services when he lost his vision half way through his Master’s program . Chad has presented at numerous local and national conferences on Higher Education and accessibility. Chad combines this personal experience with his varied roles in State Vocational Rehabilitation offices , Community Colleges and four-year universities. 

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