Breakout 3A

Hannah Davidson, wearing glasses, shoulder length red/pink curly hair.

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Central Time

Accessing Open: OER and Students with Disabilities

Presented by Hannah Davidson, Accessibility Specialist at Plymouth State University

In any given U.S. classroom, approximately twenty percent of our students have a documented disability. Still more may not have an official diagnosis, but face other barriers to accessing learning. Open Educational Resources (materials that can be freely shared, reproduced, and revised) provide educators with an opportunity to reach the greatest number of learners through its flexibility and support of inclusive design decisions. This webinar will briefly define OER and related terms and then delve into the nexus between these course materials and accessibility. We will also (re) consider our definitions of ‘access’ and seek to understand how using OER might help us to do so.

Hannah Davidson (pronouns: she/her) is the Accessibility Specialist at Plymouth State University where she is also a teaching lecturer and a doctoral candidate.  Her research explores how Open Education impacts the experience of students with disabilities. Hannah provides workshops and consultation throughout the Northeast to help bring awareness of disability and inclusive design and re-thinking pedagogy to help all students have an affirming and equitable academic experience.

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