Breakout 2C

Heather Merchant, wearing glasses, shoulder length blonde hair, smiling.

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Central Time

5 Easy Steps to a More Accessible Classroom

Presented by Heather Merchant, Educational Accessibility Technologist at Wichita State University

Due to recent events, online learning has quickly become more prevalent than ever before. Many students are now faced with no other option than to take an online class, and for students relying on assistive technology, this often leads to increased barriers. But how do instructors ensure their online classroom is accessible? For most, the first thing that comes to mind is the hardest – documents. Although a very important element, there is so much more to an accessible classroom. Join us, as we learn about five easy steps to increase accessibility: navigation, external educational sources, media, visuals, and links.


Attendees will learn how to organize their classroom to promote learning and ease of navigation, the importance of ensuring their external educational sources are accessible, how to choose accessible media, how to create a visually accessible classroom, and how to properly format accessible links.

Heather M. Merchant, M.S. is the Educational Accessibility Technologist for Wichita State University, a former instructional designer, instructor for Wichita State’s Lifelong Learning program, a QM Peer Reviewer, and a contributing author for KSARN (Kansas Accessibility Resource Network), an online accessibility initiative that offers free training on a variety of accessibility topics. As the Educational Accessibility Technologist, Heather audits online courses, hybrid courses, and all EIT at Wichita State for accessibility. She also provides accessibility training and has recently started assisting in braille and tactile graphic production. 

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