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Breakout 3I

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2:00 pm - 2:50 pm Central Time

A.I. in the Classroom: Building a More Accessible Future

Presented by Barbara Kenny, Client Success Manager at Packback

Barbara Kenny

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Packback is an AI-supported platform designed to build intrinsic motivation and support improvements in curiosity, communication skills, and critical thinking. Packback is a space where students of all abilities and backgrounds are free to explore the content they learn in class in a way that spans outside the boundaries of textbooks, lecture halls, and online sources.


Packback is deeply committed to maintaining accessibility and inclusion on our platform to create an environment where every student can explore their curiosity. Packback places students in the driver's seat, instead of just focusing on memorizing facts, students get to ask the questions, engage with their classmates, and take their curiosity to new heights.


In this session, we will provide a brief overview of the platform and pedagogy, a demonstration of the A.I. coaching students receive when using Packback, discuss how Packback’s pedagogy of student-driven inquiry empowers all students, and dive into the various accessibility features within our platform.

Barbara Kenny. M.Ed. - Barbara earned her Master's in Special Education and was an educator for 10 years before joining the Packback team. As an educator, Barbara was dedicated to giving *all* students the experiences and skills necessary to become critical thinkers and happy, healthy life-long learners. She continues on the mission now with her work as a Senior Experience Manager and Product Consultant on the Higher Education Institutional Partnerships team at Packback.

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