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Breakout 3E

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm Central Time

RaLynn Mcguire, wearing a red shirt with a black blazer, smiling, and standing outside
Vanessa Garza, wearing a white shirt and gray cardigan, smiling, and standing outside on campus

Ensuring Inclusion in Course Design with VR

Presented by:


RaLynn McGuire and Vanessa Garza, Learning Accessibility Specialists, University of Texas at San Antionio

Session Description:


Maximize your impact, with minimal time and effort! It’s challenging to maintain accessibility awareness across organizations, especially with turnover and constant change. Even if it isn’t your primary responsibility, you can help make a difference. See one model of a training and awareness program, which has proved successful and sustainable over multiple years. The tiered approach ensures new employees are introduced to relevant accessibility best practices, offers ongoing training opportunities for all employees, and helps everyone maintain accessibility awareness. Come share your own ideas and leave with specific steps to develop a training program, or share with administrators, at your own organization.

Speaker Bios:

RaLynn started her career as a classroom teacher. Years ago, she transitioned to working in the field of accessibility in higher education in varying capacities, such as training users, performing UX accessibility testing, training and supporting faculty as they create accessible content, teaching faculty, and promoting a culture of accessibility and inclusion.


Vanessa worked as an educator, developer, and instructional designer before developing a passion for creating accessible content in higher education. Vanessa currently focuses on training and supporting faculty to create accessible content and promote a culture of inclusive education. 

Presentation Information & Materials

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