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Breakout 2G

Naomi Petersen in a tan blazer smiling

Naomi Petersen

1:00 pm- 1:50 pm Central Time

Introducing Accessibility Studies: An Academic Voice for What Should Be Common Sense

Presented by Dr. Naomi Petersen, Central Washington University

Everyone needs to understand accessibility for personal well-being and professional success. Come hear about the nation's first Accessibility Studies Program, thanks to a multidisciplinary collaboration of faculty, students and disability services. Find out the curriculum, the strategy for its online structure and certificate model, and the institutional logistics (drama! Intrigue!) of implementing it.  Students' capstone projects illustrate the wide-ranging influence of the program to promote advocacy and practical solutions—and research literacy.  Come troubleshoot ways to incorporate the knowledge base and skills of accessibility competence into your own context.  Be inspired to develop your own community of learners about accessibility.

Dr. Naomi Jeffery Petersen is a full professor in the Department of Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership at Central Washington University. With a background in education and counseling as well as disabilities, she cultivated the partnerships resulting in CWU’s interdisciplinary Accessibility Studies Program which she now directs.

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