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Breakout 1D

Anaya Jones, wearing a fun green cat-pring top and modern earrings, smiling in front of green bushes.

9:00 am - 9:50 am Central Time

Taking your Video Accessibility to the Next Level 

Presented by


Anaya Jones, Accessibility & Online Learning Librarian (MLIS, CPACC)

Session Description:


You make video tutorials because they are engaging, personal, and allow you to show and tell your students about tricky topics. You know you need captions for your videos, and maybe even that automatically generated captions aren't enough. There's more to making videos accessible! Let's talk through descriptive narration / audio description, transcripts, sensory characteristics and contrast. We'll also talk about planning your videos to approach these accessibility needs strategically. More accessible videos are just a few changes away! 

Speaker Bio:


Anaya (MLIS, CPACC) is a librarian with a long-standing interest in making the library (and the instructional materials / experiences we create) more accessible for our communities. She has recently focused on the balance between the responsibility we all have to increase accessibility with the needed guidance / direction to achieve more accessible systems. 

Presentation Information & Materials

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